As we are living in the world of technology perhaps there may be  any task which is ot using technology.through the use of  technology we perform several tasks in minutes or hours definitely it is very useful but with its fruitful benefits there is too much drawbacks of technology fro which we are unaware.

I’m  discussing here the mobile technology  which is mostly used technology in the whole world is becoming over populated day by day. But we just consider its benefits not its bad effects on our health. No person is lying here in the world without having smartphone in his pocket.

How smartphones destroy our :

  1. Hearing Power
  2. Neck and back
  3. Heart
  4. Fingers
  5. Sight Sense

In 2011 according to estimation that there were around five billion people who are using mobile phones. A Pew Internet Research pol indicates that 64% adults of U.S and 25% of the world population have smartphones. Firstly,we discuss about hearing power.Now the problem is arising here that smartphones, cell phones  and headphones leading to hearing loss.It is not only about the loud volume through the use of headphones damage our hearing power but also without the use of headphones smartphone itself causes hearing loss because of electromagnetic waves emitted from devices but electromagnetic waves are just small part of problem. The basic damage to our hearing sense from loud music.

From recent report of World Health Organization estimates more than  1 billion youngsters  having  a risk of permanent hearing loss just because of listening loud music.ear buds damages ears very badly unintentionally we share our personal ear phones to others without knowing side effects.Bacteria from other’s ear comes in to your ear and causes ear infection.Many people who are using ear phones are severally visit to doctors for ear pain.


No doubt that mobiles help us in a great way.cellphones can save lives by enabling quick call to emergency  services and other related matters But  do you know how mobile technology affect the function of heart? Here is the point what we should know that electromagnetic energy emitted through mobiles that increases reactive oxygen species (common mechanism of diseases) and weakens cell membranes and there is possible damage to DNA  which is the powerhouse of all cells that produce energy.Do not put your cell phone in your shirt right pocket keep it away at least 6 inches from your heart.


Mobile phones are become widespread but with its overuse you are destroying your fingers .Overuse of mobile phone causes”text claw” which means  the pain you are having in your wrists,forearms and also leads to “blackberry thumb” means a strain n the hand that comes from heavily texting.


Using a cell phone for hours sticks you to neck and back stretches your head and neck down continuously which results pain in neck and your body.when you bend your back for a long time in the same posture it causes discomfort your body.


Mobile phones are disturbing eyesight cause it uses HEV light known as blue light.This light can damage  the tissue in retina  which causes permanent  eye damage.we uses mobile phones  in a day for so many times for different purposes like to check weather,business updates and so other things but according to  Doctors 1 out of every eye patients complaints about eye strain due to staring on a small screens.Normally, We blink our eyes  15 times per minute but this rate falls down to half when we staring at our smartphones  through which our facial,neck and shoulder muscles get tighten,eyes become tired and our vision can be blurred.Reading in bed from smartphone can disturb sleep patterns due to HEV blue light emitting from screen.

Written By: Huda Hanif

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